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Where to Buy A Domain

One thing I regret not doing sooner is buying a domain. When I went to switch to WordPress back in May, I found out that the .com I wanted wasn’t available. The .net was so I quickly nabbed it up. My suggestion is even if you aren’t planning on moving to WordPress is to buy your domain NOW before it’s taken. Even if you don’t use it right away at least it’s yours.

I also learned that once you search for a domain that other people will know about your search and buy up your domain just so you can’t have it. Nice I know. So after you do your search and find that the domain you want is available, buy it there and then. Domains are cheap and can run normally from $4 to 12/year.

I purchased my domain from Netfirms and it was under $10 and so easy to do. I really like that they have free privacy on all .com and .net domains.  This is good so people can’t see your home address when they look up your domain on WHOIS. Many places will make you pay extra for privacy.

To see if the domain you want is available, just type it in the search bar at the top of the Netfirms site and see what comes up!

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