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Steps to Moving from Blogger to WordPress


  1. I am on blogger. I am not discontented. What are the benefits to word press that warrant the initial and ongoing cost?

  2. Hey Stacie, congratulations on making the move to WordPress. I did it last year and it has been very rewarding. I still maintain a blog on Blogger though because I wanted to start fresh.

    I’m going to check out your Facebook page asap!

    Happy New Year and best wishes for much success in 2011!

  3. I’m still beating around the bush on this one. All of my favorite blogs are all on wordpress and they all seem content with their decision but I am still on the fence. I am reading your Why I Left Bogger For WordPress post again…

    Thanks Stacie!

  4. I’m really on the fence about it too since my website/blog is JUST up and coming and wouldn’t want to lose readers. Question ~ If someone types in the blogspot address, but you moved to wordpress, will it automatically forward the reader to wordpress?

    Thanks Stacie!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  5. Okay so I was totally about to make the switch (from .com on blogger to wordpress) but didn’t realize you have to purchase a template! Are there ways to make your own effectively? I took the base template on blogger and created my whole own look on my blog currently. Thanks for your advice!

  6. I’ve been considering it. I like the way wordpress blogs are set up. I didn’t know that blogs were shut down on blogger for no reason. That IS scary. I like blogger because it’s free but may not be worth it if I go to log in one day and it’s gone

  7. Happy New Year to you Stacie!

    I just wanted to let you know that I am reading your Blogger to WordPress articles with GREAT interest and I appreciate all of the practical information you are providing!

    This series is so worthwhile, you should consider posting a permanent badge with links to it in your heading or on your sidebar, so that it can easily be found by both current and future readers!

    One question I have is:

    How easy is the software to learn initially (since Blogger is SO simple!) and then – how easy is it to update on a daily basis with pictures, HTML, etc?
    Is it true that you cannot upload your photos directly to your site – that you MUST go through Photobucket for this (ie, there is an extra step involved?)

    I look forward to your feedback!


  8. Why anyone would want to stay on blogger besides the free aspect of it is beyond me. There are so many advantages to wordpress.

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