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Soft & Shield Review

I think the best invention ever was the little bottles of 99.99% hand sanitizers. They are everywhere now. In the mall, at the grocery stores, little bottles, mini bottles, big honkin bottles. Everywhere you go you can be sure that a pump of that clear liquid is just around the corner or in some body’s purse. They come in all different scents now too but I there are 2 things that I do not like about this little wonder bottle of germ killers. The smell for one…no matter which one I have tried, I always smell the alcohol and number 2…it dries my hands out, especially this time of year.

When Soft & Shield sent me a bottle of their Hand Sanitizer I was surprised to see the words “and moisturizer” on the bottle. Its the first bottle I had ever seen that wasn’t clear. It looks just like hand lotion. I read the back of the bottle which said to wash hands with soap and water. place a small amount in palm of hand and rub them together briskly to dry. So that is what I did and I was pleasantly surprised at both the scent and the way it made my hands feel. There was no alcohol scent as its alcohol-free. The scent was more of a clean, lemon scent which was very mild and nice. It made my hands feel very soft and absorbed nicely and fast. They never felt all dried out and never made them all red blotchy looking. The 65 ml bottle fit nicely in my purse. At only $4.49 a bottle which lasted me a long time you will be sure to be 99.99% germ free for up to 4 hrs when used under normal use. Its also hypo-allergenic.

Soft & Shield contains ingredients that soften, smooths and moisturizes the skin while protecting from germs and bacteria. Unlike other hand sanitizers that contain alcohol, Soft & Shield contains, Benzalkonium Chloride, an ingredient used for over 60 years in hospitals and doctor’s offices. When soap and water are not around this makes a great alternative and is wonderful to have on hand during flu and cold season.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*