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Prosilk Review

I have always struggled with fly-aways with my hair, trying this or that product to tame them. What I should have realized from the beginning is that my styling process was probably damaging my hair. I blow dry nearly every day, as well as heat style with a straightening iron. Even though I use a heat tamer spray, it doesn’t really seem to help all that much. Most recently I’ve been experimenting with serums. I didn’t have much luck with the grocery store brands that I tried in the past (they made my hair look greasy), so I was looking forward to trying the Prosilk Silk Serum that retails on their site for $19.95.

I saw a difference immediately after using it for the first time. Even if I went a little overboard with putting it in my hair, my hair never looked greasy or unwashed like with previous products. I also no longer have any need for the Tigi After-Party Smoothing Cream; I haven’t used it once since using the Prosilk Silk Serum. Even though one slim bottle of After-Party lasts me a ridiculously long time, I am more than happy to cut out the expense. It’s too easy to over apply it, and then get left with a greasy look.

The Prosilk Silk Serum can actually replace multiple products that I use on my hair in a day. In addition to leaving my hair feeling soft, bouncy, and product-free, it also provides protection from heat damage. For someone who blow dries and uses multiple heat tools, this is an ideal product. Prosilk Silk Serum also takes care of nasty split ends; I haven’t noticed a single one since using it.

Best of all, my hair doesn’t feel weighted down with product. This is seriously the only product I need, and my hair looks and feels better than it has in a long time. I am truly impressed by what this amazing bottle of serum can do. Additionally, you can use it on your skin. During the winter in Utah I always end up with dry skin, so it’s great to have an alternative to lotion.

If the serum is this awesome, I am eager to see what the shampoo and conditioner are like. They are surprisingly affordable at only $7.50 each for 12 oz. bottles.

Check out Prosilk’s entire collection, including blow dryers, heat tools, and more tempting hair products.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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