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Pretzel Crazy Review

When I worked at the mall a few years ago, there was this incredible candy store. They had everything I could possibly want, from delicious Sea Foam to chocolate dipped pretzels. Unfortunately the mall where I worked was losing stores because it was going to be torn down for a renovation, and the candy store I loved moved to another location. I’d still visit it occasionally to get my favorite treats, but finally it just seemed to disappear and eventually went out of business. I miss the Sea Foam the most since they were the only candy store that could get it right, but the chocolate dipped pretzels were a very close second.

I haven’t had a good candy coated dipped pretzel since losing track of Celestial Apples, but I was thrilled to find out about Pretzel Crazy, a site devoted to candy coated pretzels for all occasions. Sheri sent me some of her amazing bestselling pretzels to try out for myself, and I can tell you they didn’t last more than a day.

The first pretzel I tried was what is called the Signature. It was the very first pretzel that Sheri created. It was a 4” pretzel first coated with a mouth-watering caramel and then covered in a smooth milk chocolate. To complete the pretzel, every inch of it was covered in M&Ms. To add some style, a ribbon of white chocolate was drizzled over everything to finish the look. It’s available for $2.50 as a 4” pretzel, and $5.00 as an 8” pretzel. They also come in bite size form called Crazy Bites for $2.50.

I also got to try Peanut Butter Beserk, which is made almost exactly the same as the Signature, but with a few minor differences. Instead of M&Ms, the candy coating is Reese’s Pieces, which I have loved ever since watching E.T. as a little girl. The ribbon of drizzle is a peanut butter chocolate, and it’s wonderful. Peanut butter and chocolate combined together in any fashion is my idea of the ultimate indulgence. The Peanut Butter Beserk has the same prices and sizes as the Signature.

The Crazy Bites are perfect for when you need just a little pick-me-up without all the guilt. Sheri sent me a festive Crazy Bite to sample, topped with tiny candy snowflakes and drizzled with white chocolate. Divine!

There are so many flavors to try, and I wish I could have sampled them all. Some other flavors that are on my radar are: Insanely S’mores, Just Plain Crazy in Love, Kookies and Cream, and Batty Butterfinger. Many of the flavors are even available as a Gluten-free treat, which is excellent for those with a sweet tooth who really have to watch what they eat.

The next time you need something just a little bit different, let Sheri know. Some of the pretzels can even be customized with different colored candy pieces for baby showers, big sports games, and more.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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