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HingeHeads Review

Almost everyone has at least one person in their life that is impossible to buy gifts for. With Christmas just around the corner, there isn’t much time left to plan. Families, friends, and colleagues will soon be gathering for holiday parties and dinners to exchange gifts and best wishes for the New Year. Be the first of your friends and loved ones to give the gift of personality to an ordinary door.

You look at doors in your house numerous times throughout the day, but have you ever considered that they can be given some more life by adding decorations to the hinges? Before I took a look at HingeHeads, it never once occurred to me that I would want to adorn my door. As I started flipping through the pages of designs, I got more and more excited about HingeHeads and how I could give each door a different theme.

I don’t know of anyone in my personal life who has HingeHeads on their doors, so I’m thrilled to point them out to anyone who comes over. Since I spend most of my time in the living room, I decided the HingeHead I chose to review should be attached to one of the hinges on the front door. It wasn’t hard at all for me to decide which design I wanted: Moon Star. For years I have been collecting jewelry, sheets/blankets, and basically anything I can find that has a combination of a half moon with a star or stars. This was absolutely perfect for me! You can choose between 3 different metals: Pewter, Bronze, or Brass. I love anything pewter, so that’s the metal I chose.

HingeHeads are easy to apply to your door hinges. They attach themselves with magnets, and you can decorate both the tops and bottoms of your hinges. Decorating each side adds a more complete look to this awesome home accent.

I loved looking through all of the design possibilities, and am dreaming up how I could decorate each door. On the site, you have the option of searching for HingeHeads by theme. I think it would be really fun to choose one of the Oceana options for the bathrooms, and perhaps some of the Essence options for the bedrooms.

There is definitely a HingeHead for everyone out there, and they are perfectly priced between $5.95 and $11.95 each (price varies based on style). These are great stocking stuffer ideas. Right now, each order you place comes with 1 free Fleur-de-Lis HingeHead. This offer is valid through the end of 2010, so make sure you order in time!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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