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ChicoBag Review

Gone are the days of the plastic bag when grocery shopping and reusable and eco-friendly alternatives seems like the way of the future. I know that I am now bringing my own bags with me to the grocery store. Not only am I using these bags to load up my groceries to bring home, I am also using resusable produce bags now as well! ChicoBag has introduced a line of reusable produce bags and let me tell you, these are really handy to have with you!

The Produce Stand Collection includes three different bags with their own unique attributes  and designed to optimize freshness. They include the following bags:

Hemp Cotton blend bag: Holds your leafy greens, grains and beans and absorbs excess moisture and restricts airflow.

Mesh rePETe bag: Holds apples, oranges and potatoes and restricts airflow and locks in moisture.

rePETe bag: Holds broccoli, squash, carrots, celery and allows ethylene gas to escape.

Now I use science to ensure that I transport my fruits and veggies in the best possible way! I had to bring in the brochure with me the first few times I went shopping to remember what went wear. After a few trips, it became second nature and I knew what bag held what item. I use all three of them about the same since we eat foods from every category.

In regards to the ethylene gas, I didn’t even know that this gas present in many kinds of fruit (ie. apples, cantaloupes, pears) significantly shortens the shelf life when it’s trapped in a bag. The Mesh rePETe bag allows the gas to get out so your fruit will last longer.

In the Complete Starter Kit you get all three of the bags and a cute little apple pouch to hold all the bags when you aren’t using them. The pouch has a caribener so you can easily carry it with you. The bags are 12.5″ x 16″ in size and although they aren’t huge, they are adequate for us and our shopping trips.

Caring for them is also easy. They are machine washable in cold water and hang to dry.

I think it’s great that ChicoBag is on a mission to reduce single-use produce bags which just end up in our landfills. Every time I use these produce bags, I feel good and like I am doing my part to help our environment. They are very affordable to buy for only $15.99 for the Complete Starter Kit. You can buy more of each type of bag depending on what your family likes to eat.

Visit ChicoBag to learn more and see all they have to offer. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Stacie Vaughan

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