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Holiday Gift Guide: BOBO Review

Do you ever get bored of wrapping with normal wrapping paper? I don’t mind wrapping presents but I prefer gift bags. Wrapping a present now and again isn’t so bad, but when you have Christmas present to wrap it becomes a bit boring.

I was very excited to try out the BOBO wrapping scarf that I received for review. At first I wasn’t too sure I was going to be able to make it look as pretty as the picture but the instruction booklet was a great help and walked me through the steps to fold and tie my gift up. I chose to use the BOBO wrap for Sadie’s Pre-school Teacher so we wrapped up her present together and Sadie was even capable of doing it with little help. It turned out beautiful. I love that its different, yet elegant.

These environmentally-friendly BOBO Wrapping Scarves come in all different sizes for different gifts to be wrapped. They have really nice patterns to choose from as well as plain. There will be a Wrapping Scarf that will suit everybody on your list. They also have gifts and accessories so check them out. No scissors or tape to lose and they can be used for other things besides gift wrapping, like taking your lunch to work. If I can do it…you can do it.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*