Winter Wonderland Wreath

I am excited to be guest blogging on Simply Stacie this evening.  I am Jenn/GreenDoorGirl from Green Door Designs where I post my thoughts on everyday design from home to attire to crafts to recipes to my part time business, Willow House.  I believe design is found in all aspects of our daily life regardless of your background, hence the tagline “for everyday living.

I made a wreath for fall and I wanted to try my hand at a winter wreath.  I am excited with how it turned out, I hope you enjoy!

Winter Wonderland Wreath Instructions

Materials Required

– Glue Gun and Sticks

– Ribbon

– Snowflake Ornaments (mine were from Hobby Lobby – $7.99 for about 30)

Step 1 – Figure out the shape/size of the wreath you want – I decided on square, but rectangle would have worked also

Step 2 – Determine the pattern of the snowflakes for each side of your wreath.   I decided to have one that was “shown” in the middle of each side with the others layered on top of each other

Step 3 – Glue the whole thing together.  I glued my sides together and then glued together my sides. I also had to add a snowflake to each corner.


Step 4 – in order to hang the wreath I went ahead and hung ribbon from the top – I made an upside down v and then tied a separate bow on top of the V.  I also glued the V to the wreath and the top bow to the V.

Step 5 – Hang it up!  I made two and plan to put them on my french doors or the doors to my girls’ rooms – not sure yet 🙂  I plan to use command hooks to hang it so that you can see the bow.



Stacie Vaughan

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