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Designers Who Do Blogger to WordPress Transfers


  1. Creative Patience (www.creativepatience.com) does migrations for $100.

  2. Sharon @ Good, True, & Beautiful (http://www.goodtrueandbeautiful.com/tech/thinking-about-moving-to-wordpress/) does it for FREE if you sign up for hosting thru her affiliate. Her prices are very affordable, too ($115 for 24mos at Dreamhost). She also offers design services as well; my friend just had her blog designed by her & it’s great!

    Gina over at http://www.ginaskokopelli.com used a guy who charged her all of $25, I think? She gave me his contact info ages ago, but sadly, I don’t have it any longer. I’m sure she would give it to you, though!

  3. I’ve seen a lot about moving from Blogger to WordPress. Do you have a post going over why people are transferring? I have no experience with WordPress and am worried that I’m missing out on something..

    ~ Melissa

  4. This is great information for 2011!

  5. what’s better? blogger or wordpress? what’s different/similiar about each?? i use blogger. tried my hand at wordpress and it looked too complicated and had to pay for many features.

    • I prefer WordPress hands down and am planning a post in the next few days to give more detail on my thinking. Basically, I wanted to own my content and not have to worry about Blogger flagging my blog and closing me down. It is really really difficult to get help from Blogger. When you are self-hosted, you can call and talk to a person if there’s a problem. I love the plugins and it’s not as glitchy as Blogger was for me.

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  7. Thanks for including me in your list! I appreciate that “shout out” and have enjoyed working with Bloggers to help them migrate to WP.

    I’m actually in the process of writing an e-book to help people do the transfer themselves without having to pay anyone. I’m going to need a few folks who will take my book for a “test drive” so if anyone is interested in that, let me know!

    • I’m very new to blogging, but I have high hopes of learning and growing. I’ve heard many people say they wish they had switched to wordpress earlier on in their blogging journey. I would very much be interested in reading/experimenting with your e-book. kekagel(at)yahoo.com

      Stacie, looking forward to reading the post about your move.

    • i’m another one who would LOVE to test drive an e-book that outlines how to move from blogger to wordpress. my (blogger) blog is http://www.moanasaves.com and my email is [email protected]


    • Hi,

      I have been blogging since Sept 2009. I have toyed with the idea of moving to WordPress, but haven’t done anything about it as of yet.

      I would be very interested in testing your e-book, Sharon.


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  9. Thanks for the great list! I am in the process of shopping for someone to move me over to WP. The decision can be a tough one to make and a little overwhelming with some many people out there. I did notice that Idesign has gone up on their pricing and is now charging $195, yikes!

  10. Hi Stacie,

    We offer Blogger to WordPress professional migration services. We do offer theme design n development, domain and hosting along with migration as per the customers requirements. Interested ones may see our portfolio of 150+ successful migration/ http://bloggertowp.org/portfolio/

    We understand that migration process is not much difficult, if you have a small blog, hence we have written a Do It Yourself tutorial which has helped thousands of bloggers in migration. http://bloggertowp.org/migrate-from-blogger-to-wordpress-best-tutorial/

    If any one needs free technical support during migration, they can see the support forum at http://bloggertowp.org/forums/

    Hope it will help the fellow bloggers community.


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