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Bye Bye Google Page Rank | Hello mozRank!

It’s now December and still no word on when Google will update Page Rank. I switched domains back in May and am STILL waiting for the Google gods to deem my site worthy. I find it funny that my blogspot blog still sits at a PR 3 and it hasn’t been updated since May! Go figure that one out. I already wrote about my frustration with Google Page Rank and today I learned about a new type of ranking called mozRank that IS updated regularly. Thank to Lindsay Blogs for posting about this new metric!

Page Rank and mozRank are similar in that they both measure a websites popularity and authority online. mozRank is run by SEOMoz and measures sites on a scale of 1 to 10 (just like Google PR does). Invest It Wisely has a really good post about mozRank and the departure of PR that I recommend you read to learn more.

So how can you check your websites mozRank? Lindsay Blogs lists a few sites where you can find yours:

  • Open Site Explorer: Gives you lots of juicy site stats including your mozRank. Simply Stacie has a mozRank of 5.47.
  • Website Grader: Here I have a mozRank of 5.
  • Website Analyzer: It gives me a mozRank of 5.47. Interesting that this one also shows your predicted PR on the next updates. It estimates mine to be a 4.33.

I encourage you all affected by the Google Page Rank situation to educate companies and other bloggers about mozRank and help spread the word about it! I know that I will be including mozRank in my stats from now on!

Stacie Vaughan

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