Book Review | When Harry Met Molly

Title: When Harry Met Molly (Impossible Bachelors)

Author: Kieran Kramer

My Review:

After Lady Molly Fairbanks makes a fool of him at his brother’s wedding to Molly’s sister, Lord Harry Traemore is considered a disgrace to his family. At one time, Harry might have had a promising career in the army, but he ruined any chances of greatness after he was found in a tent with the wife of his general. None of this would have happened, of course, if it hadn’t been for Molly Fairbanks.

Though only thirteen when she humiliated Harry and embarrassed her father, Molly has been punished ever since and is on the track of becoming a spinster like her cousin. Taking matters into her own hands, she elopes with handsome Cedric only to find herself abandoned at a shady inn after Cedric runs off with none other than the mistress of Harry Traemore.

Reluctantly, Molly and Harry become partners in an elaborate scheme. Harry has been named one of the prince regent’s Impossible Bachelors; together they must convince Prinny and the other contestants that Molly is the most delectable companion so he can keep his bachelor status for another year. If Molly wins the competition, Harry has agreed to find Molly a suitable husband. As their charade continues, Molly indeed proves herself delectable and Harry finds he might be willing to give up his bachelor status forever.

I was first attracted to When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer because of the name; it is a play on one of my favorite Meg Ryan movies,When Harry Met Sally. I knew it would have that same kind of playful banter between the main characters, and I was excited to read it this time instead of watch it. It’s even more fun this time around because it’s set in the early 1800s. For a debut novel, this was pretty good, though it wasn’t quite perfect.

I really liked both Harry and Molly, and probably liked Harry just a little bit more than I liked Molly. Though Harry had quite a few positive qualities, he’d been written in such a way that some of his rakish qualities couldn’t quite be forgiven and I felt that Molly deserved someone just a little bit better. In the end, Harry surprised me; he had a lot more depth to him than I expected and I was able to look past some of his poor life decisions.

The premise of the book is really fun, and I enjoyed the competition between the bachelors and their mistresses. The mistresses were well characterized, but most of the bachelors–except for the villainous Sir Richard–fell extremely flat. I couldn’t remember which bachelor was paired up with which mistress, and had a hard time visualizing all but the hero and heroine.

When Harry Met Molly was a nice diversion from what I normally choose to read, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing out for the next book in the Impossible Bachelor series; I may eventually read Kramer’s future books, but they aren’t at the top of my list.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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