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Between the Lines

Today I would like to welcome Kelly from Between the Lines. I had a chance to learn more about her blog and here’s what she had to say…

Please tell me about yourself.

My name is Kelly and I’m a SAHM of two smart and beautiful little girl, a wife to a hard working husband, and a daughter to an Awesome God. Before kids I was an elementary school teacher and an aspiring writer. I think I will go back to teaching one day, but right now I am content with raising my girls and writing in my spare time.

Please tell me about your blog.

My blog is called Between the Lines. It is a family friendly blog where I discuss daily life, share recipes and trivia, offer review/giveaways, and just have fun! Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion is our tagline and I hope people do just that. I love having people visit and I love when a discussion gets started!

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve actually only been blogging for about 7 months.

How did you get started?

I started my blog as a writing outlet to share with family and friends. However, I quickly learned just how big and fun the blogging world was and I expanded from there. Thanks to a few blogging friends, I have joined all the review and giveaway fun!

What kinds of products do you feature on your blog?

Between the Lines features only family friendly products. I tend to only accept offers that interest me and my family in particular. I have featured a great variety of products including clothes, jewelry, toys, food, games, cleaning products, make-up, and much more.

What was your favourite giveaway?

It is so hard to pick my favorite giveaway. I’ve loved the majority of the products that I’ve shared with my readers. However, my Misikko giveaway received the most entries. And since my lovely readers got so excited about it that would have to be my favorite so far.

Who does your blog appeal to?

I definitely write a blog for women. Although a few men stop in every now and then, I don’t think my topics interest them. I think I reach a variety of people because I include a lot different topics. My blog probably hold the most interest to mothers, those who love to cook, and those who love a great giveaway!

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

Hopefully my blog will continue to grow as it has been. I have been amazed at all the wonderful ladies I have met through this blogging experience. I would love to be able to offer them even more great giveaways in the future!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

Time is probably been my biggest challenge. With two very active girls and a household to run, finding time to blog is a challenge every day.

What do you love about blogging?

I love sharing my love of writing, cooking, and family with so many great people. In the blogging world, you get a unique chance to meet so many wonderful ladies that you wouldn’t ordinarily have had a chance to meet.

Do you have a blogging pet peeve?

I can’t stand spammers! Because of them, I’ve resorted to moderating my comments.

Do you have any advice for the readers entering your giveaway? newbie review bloggers?

All I can say is, it doesn’t hurt to enter. Although there may be over a hundred comments, you still have a great shot of winning. And for newbie review bloggers, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I was very hesitant when the first company asked me to do a review for them. So I asked a well known review blogger for some advice, and now I have a great blogging buddy.

Tell me some of your favourite blogs that you read.

There are so many great blogs out there, but here are just a few of my favorite:

Survey Junkie

A Nut in a Nutshell

Little Yaya’s

Crazy Daisy

The Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Pumpkin Tart

Finding Joy in My Kitchen

And of course Simply Stacie!

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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