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Raise Awareness for Vulvodynia

This post wraps up V Awareness Week.  I hope that this week helped to shed some light on vulvodynia, a condition that 6 million American women suffer from (not sure on the Canadian numbers as no study has ever been done). It’s really sad that with the amount of technological advancement our society has had, we are still suffering.

According to a Harvard study, almost 60% of patients report visiting 3 or more health care providers to obtain a diagnosis and an astounding 40% remain undiagnosed. This study also reported that 40% of women with painful symptoms did not even seek medical care.

There’s a number ways you can help to raise awareness about vulvodynia! Help me get the word out!

  1. Blog, tweet, share on Facebook, email your friends, and tell people about vulvodynia.
  2. Choose the NVA as your charity this year to donate if you can afford it.
  3. The NVA has some ways you can help spread the word. See full post here.They suggest:
  • Write to or Meet with Your Elected Officials
  • Send Publicity Ideas or Media Contacts to NVA
  • Contact Your Local Media
  • Disseminate Educational Information to Local Physicians

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