Invisalign Teen Make Me Smile Challenge

We were told a few years ago by Olivia’s dentist that she was going to require braces. There just wasn’t enough room in her mouth for all her teeth and they weren’t coming in properly. In fact, the poor girl actually had to have a few teeth pulled two years ago just to make room. She’s 12 years old now and will be getting braces fairly soon.

Braces have come a long way since I was a kid. I never had them but my sister did. She had the metal railroad track braces. I remember her wearing them for a long time and she was always self-conscious of them. Her teeth looked great when she got them off- nice and straight. Nowadays you can have braces that no one can see. They are invisible!

Invisalign are the makers of clear braces and they know have a product just for teens called Invisalign Teen. It was interesting to learn how these braces work as they are completely different than braces of the past. For instance if Olivia were to get the Invisalign Teen braces, her dentist would first make detailed impressions of her teeth and use a specialized computer program to map out her complete treatment.  She would wear the clear aligners for about 2 weeks each as they gradually move the teeth into their proper position. They can be easily removed for cleaning, flossing, etc.  They have blue Compliance Indicators that will fade as she wears the aligner and the Eruption Tabs allow for her secondary molars to come through. Total treatment time varies per individual but it’s usually between 9 to 15 months.

I know for a fact that Olivia would much prefer to wear the Invisalign Teen over metal braces. She can avoid the worry of being teased because of wearing braces. I had friends who were afraid to smile with teeth because of their braces. I want her to feel self-confident and no one wants to see their child worry. She can still play soccer and do her regular activities.

Today I wanted to share with you the Make Me Smile Challenge and it has a pretty fabulous prize! The Grand Prize is the Ultimate Hollywood Experience which includes:

  • Airfare for Two People
  • Limo Transportation for Two People
  • $5000 Shopping Spree on Rodeo Drive
  • Hotel in Beverly Hills for Two People
  • Lunch at the Ivy for Two People
  • Backlot Studio Tour for Two People

AND three monthly winners will receive an Apple iPad that is pre-loaded with the latest movie releases!

How to Enter?

Every three months, there will be a new Make Me Smile Challenge where teens ages 14 to 19 are asked to record a video doing the challenge task and uploading it to the Make Me Smile Challenge site. It’s open to US only.

Challenge #3 is “do something clever using a prop”. Remember the name of the challenge is “make me smile” so it should be something that can make a person smile and you only have 30 seconds to do it!!  You can be as creative as you like, but the video MUST be 30 seconds or less. Challenge #3 ends on November 9th. Enter as often as you want. Upload the video to the Make Me Smile Challenge website and you are entered to win!

The celebrity judges for Challenge #3 are Booboo Stewart (from Eclipse!) and Fivel Stewart- a talented brother and sister team.

It sounds like a fun contest and is a fantastic prize so get your teens to be creative and enter! Then you can go with them on the trip!!

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