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The last time I was on an airplane, I was really concerned about the heightened security measures regarding liquids for carry-ons and found myself packing my favorite lip glosses, body sprays, and perfumes all into my suitcase for fear of having them confiscated if I left them in my purse. I seldom have reason to fly anywhere, but for any future traveling plans that involve flying I will be able to take my favorite perfume on board with me thanks to Travalo. Travalo is a stylish and unique bottle that you can fill with your favorite scent when you need to be on the go. It’s retail value is $14.99, and it can be found at retailers such as Target and CVS. I’ve also seen it on This is the perfect item for anyone who loves to travel and wants to smell their very best.

The Travalo bottle is environmentally friendly, made from 98% recyclable materials. You don’t have to guess how much perfume is left in it because it has a see-through window so you can see for yourself when it’s time to fill it up again. It comes in a variety of colors as well so both men and women can enjoy using it. I love how light weight it is, and that it can easily be slipped in a coat pocket or a small handbag.

It only took me about a minute to fill up my Travalo for the first time. I thought it would make a mess and I would lose some of the perfume in the process, but every single drop made its way into the Travalo. I have been carrying it around in my purse for maybe about 2 weeks now, and I simply love it! Even though it might seem like there’s not very much perfume in it, it’s lasted me far longer than I had expected. Travalo contains more than 50 sprays, and with about half left in it currently, I’m willing to bet that’s another 50 sprays.

My one concern about Travalo was whether or not I’d need a separate spray bottle for each perfume I own since I couldn’t find any directions on how to remove any lingering scent from a previous perfume. I emailed my Travalo contact to ask about this, and the good news is that Travalo can be used with other scents. All I have to do after I run out is spray the empty bottle a few times to get out any lasting smell, and then it’s okay to refill it with something else.

This is my new favorite beauty find, and I recommend it for everyone. If you need a thoughtful gift this holiday season, I hope you’ll consider Travalo.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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