Shampowder Review

I typically wash my hair every day or every other day because I cannot stand the feeling of being dirty. Simply showering and washing my body isn’t enough my me; my hair has to be part of this process, too. Unfortunately as a busy mom of an energetic 2-year-old, I don’t always have the extra time to spend on styling my hair. I end up washing it, but then letting it air dry. My hair is not naturally straight, and looks frizzy and bedhead-like if I don’t blow dry and then flat iron it. I hate having an unkempt look to it, but sometimes I have places to go and just can’t be bothered to wash it or style it before I take off for the afternoon.

Thanks to busy working mom Jayne Polan, there is another option for women like me. She spent two years developing a dry shampoo which is marketed as Shampowder. It comes in a tube that is the perfect size for a cosmetic bag or handbag and has a built-in applicator that looks exactly like a blush or foundation brush. Her idea was inspired by a beauty tip that stated that applying a little bit of baby powder to an oily scalp and to the roots of the hair would make your hair look as if it had just been freshly washed. She improved on this beauty tip by adding pigment that would more closely match her blonde hair. With the help of a cosmetics company, the finished product was born and made available to the general public. Shampowder is available on the Buttercream Cosmetics website for $15.99. Each tube contains .28 oz and will last you up to 3 months even with heavy usage.

My mom typically washes her hair once a week. In between washings, she doesn’t do anything to it, and it’s easy to see that it’s oily and greasy looking. When the opportunity arose to review Shampowder, I definitely had my mom in mind to do the testing for me. My mom is a brunette and I am a blonde, and Jayne graciously sent each of us our very own tube of Shampowder. I wasn’t with my mom when she tried it for the first time, but she did comment that she struggled with getting the hang of applying it for the first time. To its credit, she said that she noticeably saw a difference in the appearance of her hair and would try it again sometime. Coming from my mom, who never uses make-up and has no interest in beauty products, this is a good sign and I hope she will use it to improve her appearance.

Then it was time for me to try it out on myself. Because I’m so used to washing my hair every day, I had to talk myself out of washing it. The shampoo that I’ve most recently been using does a really good job of keeping my hair looking fresh for almost two days straight. I skipped washing on the second day and waited until the third. Oh yes, when I woke up on that third morning, my hair looked scary and in some need of assistance. The tube reminded me of this glitter powder I’d once bought at Claire’s Boutique for use as a shimmery face powder. It worked exactly the same way as that face powder–by pressing the soft brush up into the tube to release the vanilla-scented powder.

I ran the brush onto the oiliest parts of my hair against my scalp, and after a few applications the oily sheen had dulled and my hair looked normal. I didn’t feel that the powder blended well with my particular shade of hair color, but this may have been user error; after reading through the FAQs on the site I learned I should have been dabbing the applicator brush rather than trying to use it as a paintbrush. My small mistake may also be attributed to why I didn’t think it blended well with my color. I definitely recommend to anyone who is about to try this product to become well informed on what to do with it before you test it out for the first time. You will save yourself some of the frustration I initially experienced. Another tip that I didn’t pick up on that first time around is that you can absolutely style your hair by blow-drying after you use Shampowder. Since my hair gets flattened after a night’s sleep, this is definitely something I have to do.

Since I was used to washing my hair nearly every day, using Shampowder was a bit of an adjustment for me. I did experience some itching with my scalp after applying, and this may not be normal for everyone who uses it. I appreciate that I have Shampowder, and that it works if I run into a situation where I need to be ready at the drop of a hat.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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