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Senseo Coffee Maker Review

My dad has always been a coffee drinker, and because of him and our regular outings to Gloria Jean’s when I was a child (my dad was friends with a franchise owner), I came to appreciate coffee as well. While my dad prefers his coffee almost black, I am more a fan of sugary or caramel coffee flavors. My mom, on the other hand, has never liked coffee and since he is now the only coffee drinker in the household, he only makes coffee for one. The coffee maker he has makes way more coffee than one person should drink in a day, so I knew the Stay or Go Personal Coffee Maker for 1 would be a perfect gift for my dad.

The first thing almost any junior high teacher wants or needs in the morning is a hot, fresh cup of coffee. The Stay or Go Personal Coffee Maker came with coffee pods designed specifically for the machine, and it can brew up to 14 oz. of coffee. Either a travel mug or a standard sized mug can be used with the machine, and the coffee takes less than 3 minutes to brew. My dad found it easy to use, store, and clean. Overall, he was very satisfied with the product.

When it came to the coffee that was included with the machine, he was less than impressed and thought it could have tasted better. He felt the coffee pods were more expensive than they should be, and that the quality of the coffee beans used should be improved. Every coffee drinker has different tastes, so while my dad didn’t particularly care for what was offered, someone else might love them.

The Senso Stay or Go Personal Coffee Maker’s suggested retail price is $29.99 and is definitely worth the expense for the coffee lover on your Christmas list. I was very pleased with the size and the weight of it, and took note that it would fit in well in a small apartment and possibly even a dorm room. While in college I used a french press, but if this coffee maker had been available several years ago I would have chosen this instead.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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