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Saucony Review

I have always thought I’ve looked silly wearing hats, but winter is fast approaching in Utah and I’ll be sorry if I don’t find a hat I like to keep my head warm. It’s not that we constantly have a downpour of snow in the valley; it’s more that the air is biting cold. I used to spend a lot of time outside in this weather, waiting for public transportation or walking short distances. Hoods on coats just aren’t enough protection from the cold. Ideally I want to wear something on my head that is both fashionable and functional, and the offerings from Saucony seemed like they would provide both.

Saucony features apparel for men, women, and children, designed specifically for runners. I’m not a runner, but these designs still appealed to me. There is nothing worse than coming into a warm house, pulling off a hat, and having your head covered in sweat for all to see. Saucony designs hats that keep off the moisture. I received two hats for review from Saucony, the Lexie Beanie and the DryLete Ponytail Skull Cap.

The Lexie Beanie is perfect for me. I love the horizontal pink and white striping, and the 100% acrylic fabric. You can even order by size! Most beanies are One Size Fits All, but Saucony offers you the option of choosing a size that works for you. I didn’t get to choose the size ( and wouldn’t have really known which size to choose anyway!) but there is minimal slippage with the one I received. I like the way it looks on me, and it keeps my head nice and warm. I have a few outdoor activities coming up later this month, and you can bet my Saucony Lexie Beanie will be coming with me!

I had my neighbor in mind for the DryLete Ponytail Skull Cap. She is training to be a runner, and has medium length hair that she often pulls back into a ponytail. The DryLete Ponytail Skull Cap is designed especially for those with ponytails. It’s never comfortable to pull a cap over your ponytail. Your hair gets messed up, and you have an unsightly lump at the back of your head. The skull cap has your ponytail in mind. Simply pull it through the small slit at the back of the cap, and your ponytail stays intact! She loved the look and the feel of the skull cap and is planning on wearing it while she trains.

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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