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Rothschild Kids Review

Now that it’s October in Utah, it’s time to start switching around the closets and pulling out the winter clothes. Or in the case of our daughter, buying her new clothes since she is growing so fast. We’ve been experiencing very wet weather; so far it’s just rain, but I suspect that in another week or two we’ll have had an inch or two of snow stick to the ground.

One of the most important items of clothing that we needed for Zoe was a new winter coat. The one that she had last year is fairly light weight and is just a little too snug on her now. As a kid I always hated going to different stores and trying on a zillion different coats until my parents were satisfied, so I wanted to make the whole coat process as painless as possible for Zoe. Thanks to Rothschild kids, we didn’t have to force Zoe to model a plethora of different coats for us.

Since Zoe is now wearing size 3T clothing, that is the size coat that I requested for her. She really loves the color orange, so the Sporty Snowflake Winter Jacket was the perfect one for her. She also loves dark pink, which is the dominant shade of the coat. She has everything else she needs as well for winter, and all match her new jacket. The jacket came with an orange fleece hat and scarf for those days when it’s just cold and there’s no falling snow. For $55.00, I think that’s a pretty terrific deal!

I was really pleased at how warm and durable the coat is, and I know she’ll be mostly comfortable this winter while wearing it. Unfortunately, some parts of the coat don’t fit her as well as the other parts. The hood seems too small for her head in that it doesn’t extend as far as we’d like over her head, but thankfully it is removable and we can just rely on the fleece scarf and the hat. It was impossible to get the coat zipped up over the scarf, and to get the hood to stay fastened while she was wearing the hat. I had thought all items could be worn at the same time, but because it fits her slightly differently than I expected, we’ll have pick and choose how we want her to wear it.

This is my first experience choosing this type of coat for her, so I don’t know if that is just how it is or if the sizing might be slightly off for her. Overall, we’re happy with the coat and know she will get some great use out of it this winter. I made a guess with what size she’d need since she’s growing out of her 2T clothing, and based on the sizing chart, this coat may actually be too big for her based on her height and weight. Chances are this coat might just fit her better next year!

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*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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