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Prescription Audio Review

have found that there are times in my life when things get very stressful and other times when I can’t sleep because I have so many thoughts running through my head. Even more frustrating, there are times when both things will happen to me at the same time (I’m stressed through the day and can’t sleep at night). For those reasons, I was really keen to try out two products from Prescription Audio. Entitled “Chill” and “Nocturne”, these CDs are promoted in their use for relaxation and better quality sleep. I couldn’t wait to see how they worked!

Prescription Audio works in a rather unique way. Their products involve the use of quantum harmonics and harmonic layering. According to their website, “Much like binaural beat technology, Quantum Harmonics uses a unique application of sound frequencies to achieve hemispheric synchronization through brainwave entrainment. Certain frequencies promote particular types of brain activity:

Type  Frequency (Hz)      Brain Activity

Beta         12-30  Alertness and Concentration

Alpha  8-12  Relaxation

Theta  4-7  Meditation; Drowsiness

Delta  Up to 4  Deep Sleep

Prescription Audio layers three different types of sound therapy to induce a desired mental state:

* Pure tones – sounds generated by pure sine waves

* Holistic auditory stimuli – soothing sounds from the natural world

* Quantum Sound Layering – Precise blend of binaural frequencies”

The combination of these elements are meant to produce optimal results! This technology is really interesting and many of other questions about how these programs work can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

I tried both the “Chill” and “Nocturne” CDs (while I received CDs, I could have also downloaded these products from the website as they are available as MP3s as well. Because my work can be stressful, I actually took the “Chill” CD to work with me on a number of occasions and listened to it over my lunch break. I found that it really did help me to relax! I loved the soothing music that appeared in some parts of the CD and I found the whole experience really helped to relax and revitalize me once I was done listening to it!

The “Nocturne” CD  I listened to at night while falling asleep. Part of the reason I often feel tired is that I can’t stop my mind from racing at night and I often have very intense dreams. When using the “Nocturne” CDs, I found that being to focus on the CD helped my mind to slow down and focus on what I was listening to (which I found helped me get to sleep more quickly) and that my dreams seemed much less frantic (which made me feel more refreshed when I awoke).

Overall, I have really enjoyed trying out the “Chill” and “Nocturne” CDs from Prescription Audio.   I plan to keep using these products as I find they have helped me to relax and sleep better!

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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received samples of these products for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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