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Ladies Tools Online Review

When I go out to my husbands garage to look for a tool they look all the same to me. Mostly black, silver, dirty and boring. One year for Christmas he got me my own tool box with a hammer, screw drivers, wrench, picture hanging stuff. All black, silver and Boring. (Shhhh….don’t tell him) They remained in the tool box inside but as the years went on and things were borrowed they went missing…probably in his garage among the black, silver, dirty and boring stuff. What would make being Mrs. Fix-It around the house fun??? How about fun, chic, woman size, tools in your own carry case??? Your very own PINK case? Your very own PINK case with PINK handles that lets your partner know that they are not his????

Ladies Tools Online has just that. A site FULL of fun, chic, pink tools that are going to make you look for something to fix. Ladies Tools Online sent me the 57 piece Think Pink Tool Box for review. I was so excited when I opened the box to see a pink tool box. My size with a carry handle. ($24.99) The tools are nice and light, not bulky so you can actually hang onto them while working without breaking your wrist. The case comes with pliers, wire cutters, a hammer, a level, fittings, pink PVC tape and much much more. Pink handles to make it fun. You can buy bigger sets and smaller sets. These sets are a perfect gift for the lady in your life whether it be your wife, daughter, sister, mother or friend. They do have sets that are not as pink as well for the not so girly girl in your life. You can get safety glasses and tool belts too…in PINK!!! I am hoping my hubby won’t mistake my tools for his now…or he may want too because they are that cool. I wonder what his friends would think to find a pink tool in his garage??? Hmmm…

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*