A Christmas Carol Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack Review

Title: Disney’s A Christmas Carol (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)

Release Date: November 16, 2010

About the Movie:

From Walt Disney Pictures comes the magical retelling of Charles Dickens’ beloved tale – Disney’s A Christmas Carol, the high-flying, heartwarming adventure for the whole family. When three ghosts take penny-pinching Scrooge on an eye-opening journey, he discovers the true meaning of Christmas – but he must act on it before it’s too late. Complete with spirited bonus features, this exhilarating and touching Disney classic is destined to be part of a family holiday tradition, adding sparkle and heart to all Christmases yet to come.

Bonus Features:

BLU-RAY 3D Disc includes an exclusive 3D bonus feature, plus all the Blu-ray and DVD features:

  • Mr. Scrooge’s Wild Ride –   In this 3D bonus feature, director Zemeckis and the cast explain how 3D made the Dickens novella come to life.   The feature explores how 3D technology brought a whole new dimension to the story, from the Ghost of Christmas Past whisking  Scrooge through time, to the look and feel of the characters in 19th Century London.

BLU-RAY features include all of the DVD features plus:

  • Behind The Carol: The Full Motion Capture Experience – A feature length picture-in-picture viewing mode takes the audience behind the scenes of motion capture filmmaking.
  • Countdown to Christmas Interactive Calendar – 25 days of holiday surprises extend the holiday cheer, as  viewers come back to discover what each door holds.
  • Deleted Scenes – Six deleted scenes on the Blu-ray Disc.

DVD features include:

  • Capturing A Christmas Carol – Actress Jacquie Barnbrook hosts a journey through the creative process of Disney’s A Christmas Carol.
  • On Set With Sammi – Follow Sammi Hanratty, one of the film’s young stars, as she shares a kid’s eye view of an “anything but average” day on the set.
  • Deleted Scenes – Three deleted scenes on the DVD.

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My Review:

I remember watching the old black and white movie of A Christmas Carol when I was in elementary school. I didn’t recall that much just that Scrooge was visited by three Christmas Ghosts who taught him how to have the Christmas spirit. I knew this movie would be a winner when I saw that Disney was doing their version and it included, Jim Carrey! He’s one of my favourite actors and a Canadian too!

When the movie first started, Iwas surprised to see that it was actually animated! It took me a minute to tell because the animation was so realistic and crisp. Even John had to ask if it was animated. We were fooled there for a second!

I was swept into the story right away. I watched how Scrooge scared children as he walked the streets of London and stopped Christamas carolling in mid song…he had such a miserly and foul look on his face and people were scared of him and with good reason! We got a taste of just how stingy Scrooge is at his place of business. His worker was so cold because Scrooge wouldn’t let him put coal in the fire (there was actually a lock on the chest where the coal was kept!) and he was trying to warm his hands with a candle light. I chuckled at just how cheap this man is! He would rather freeze and save money than have heat in the dead of winter.

There were a number of moments throughout the movie where I nearly jumped out of my chair in surprise and fear! Both John and I jumped at the part when Scrooge was getting ready to go into his house. I won’t spoil it for you, but my heart was racing! Some of the scenes with the Ghost of Christmas Future were a bit scary too as Scrooge was being chased by the Reaper and the black horses with the red eyes! I think really little kids might be frightened by this, but it would be fine for older children. Olivia and Bridget are fine to watch it.

One of my favourite scenes was when Scrooge was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who I think was a candle. He had a flame for a head and his head kept making these weird movements. It was a bit funny! This Ghost took Scrooge soaring into his past when he was a boy and I mean soaring quite literally. They were flying and it was amazing to watch! I sat there longing to fly and I bet this would be awesome to watch in 3D or in IMAX.

The visit to Scrooge’s childhood touched my heart. It’s here that we begin to understand how his past shaped the person he is today. I felt sorry for him and could see that it was an emotional experience for him to relive these painful memories.

This movie takes the cake and touched all my emotions. It was funny, touching and exhilarating  and I didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t stop smiling as the credits rolled. It will be a movie I know that I will watch again. It’s the perfect Christmas movie!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Stacie Vaughan

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