Smokey Eye Tutorial

Every makeup addict (that would be me) has a wardrobe of “looks” and a smokey eye is often the star of her repertoire. Sadly, I don’t often attend a lot of fancy schmancy balls, soiree’s or red carpet events. So when the holidays arrive, it’s gives me the perfect excuse to rock a smokey eye.

Smokey Eye Tutorial

The key is to use three colors in different depths. Don’t limit yourself to shades of grey or black;  purple, blue or even green can work just as well. For holiday parties, you may want to try gold, silver, or bronze. Brown eyes look awesome in purple, blue eyes look stunning in bronze and hazel eyes shine in shades of green. Once you master the technique, experiment to find the most flattering colors for your eye color and skin tone.

  • Make sure to wear a primer to keep eye shadow in place. Apply a shimmery highlight shade all over from lash line to under brow bone. You will also apply this on the inner corner of the eyes/tear duct.

  • Apply the medium shade on the movable eye lid and blend upward into the crease. Then apply under the lower lashes.

  • Apply the darkest shade in the crease and blend outwards.

  • With a slanted eye liner brush, apply black eye liner at the lash line and underneath to “tightline” so there is no visible white space in between the lashes. Also apply inside on the waterline. With the darkest shade of eye shadow, go over the black eyeliner and smudge blending upward.

  • Apply several coats of mascara–tada done!

TIPS: With this look, do your eye makeup first in case you need to do any clean up. You don’t need expensive brushes either, EcoTools makes an inexpensive brush set for eyes that retails for around $7 and is available at most drug stores.

To complete the look, use a neutral blush and a nude shimmery lip color so the focus is on your smouldering eyes!

Here’s the completed look. Now, go work it at that holiday party!!!


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