Book Review | The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms

Title: The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms: Things you need to know, that no one ever tells you

Author: Erica Wells, Lorraine Regel

My Review:

As a new mom 3 years ago I had tons and tons of questions!!! I figured that my own child would be just like all the other children I had looked after as a Nanny. I had experience with children from infant to teenager so this would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong. Nothing can compare to the love you feel for your own child, how you want to protect them and comfort them, how you never want to hear them cry, and how they can pull on your heartstrings and make you melt.

During Sadie’s first year ( almost 14 months) I lived about 3 hours away from my family so I was alone and did everything on my own with not much help. ( my husband worked full time and was on call 24/7 during the winter months) I found a part time job that I could take Sadie too when she was only 4 months old just to get us out of the house and into a social atmosphere. As she got older things got more easy but I still had questions.

My night stand was stacked with who, what, where, how and why books on raising babies and being a mom and I was a magazine junkie so I had stacks of those as well. You can never have too many right? They were useful and helpful when I had questions or I could always go on the world wide web and seek out answers as well. Whenever I found a good book I would pass it along to a family member or friend who were having babies so they could feel at ease as much as I did.

When I received The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms by Erica Wells and Lorraine Regal I knew this was one of those books that I would pass along. My sister was due for her first and she enjoyed it as much as I did. She probably got more use out of it then I had as my baby is now 3 so I am passed all those panic questions you have when they are so little. The book is an easy read and filled with information but not in a serious way. The book takes a funny approach on looking after yourself and baby and makes you have a laugh at the honest advice you get that you wonder “How come nobody told me that?” I joke with my sister about writing a book about all the things people don’t tell you. We figure if they told you, then nobody would have kids.

This book would make a wonderful gift for a new mother whether its her first or tenth. As the times change so does the medical advice and rules of raising children. This book will help you answer some embarrassing questions you don’t want to ask you friends or get you through that 2 am crying spell even if its only for the laugh.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*