Book Review | The Icing on the Cake

Title: The Icing on the Cake (True Vows)

Author: Alison Kent

My Review:

Confident and self-reliant 30-something Michelle Snow almost has it all: a stable, well-paying job; her own condo; and a big dream. The only thing she is missing is The One. Getting set up on blind dates through friends hasn’t worked for her, and at a friend’s urging Michelle agrees to give a chance for one month. At first she thinks all the nods and winking she gets from the male members are kind of silly, but when she finally sits down to browse through profiles, Todd Bracken’s catches her eye. Taking a chance, she sends him a short message, complimenting his smile.

Michelle Snow is everything Todd Bracken could want and more in his ideal woman. She is witty, intelligent, and independent. When they finally meet in person, they both feel as if they have known each other for their whole lives. They begin spending so much time together that both fear the relationship is moving far too fast. Michelle has confided things in Todd that she has never shared with her closest girlfriends, primarily her dream to one day own and operate her own gourmet cupcake bakery. Without Todd’s encouragement, Michelle might never have realized her dreams, but she wonders how she can maintain a relationship with Todd and start out on this new stage in her life.

I’ve said this a million times before: I don’t generally read Romance. While that is (mostly) true, the innovative, new series by HCI Group called True Vows really appealed to me. The True Vows series is a fun mesh of reality and fiction as each unique author works with a real-life couple to put their romantic triumph story into novel form. The real names of the couple are used, and the assigned author works with the couple to create a memoir-fiction hybrid. Because of this series, I have a newfound appreciation for the Romance genre and intend on exploring it a bit more.

Alison Kent was chosen to write Michelle and Todd’s story, entitled The Icing on the Cake. Warning: Have a delicious gourmet cupcake next to you while you read. Indulge in a savory bite at the beginning of each chapter where a different flavor of cupcake and complementary icing is described. She has written over 40 romantic and suspense novels and is highly regarded by many readers and authors alike. I am definitely curious to try out one of her fiction novels at some point, just to see any differences between her personal style and the style she conformed to for this collaboration.

I’ve currently read 2 offerings in the True Vows series and much preferred The Icing on the Cake over Meet Me in Manhattan. The Icing on the Cake did have one flaw, however. I didn’t care for the dialogue and thought that Kent relied too much on cliched phrases and other word choices that I didn’t think people of Michelle’s and Todd’s ages would use. By using them, The Icing on the Cake lost a little bit of charm that it would otherwise have had.

Want more of Michelle and Todd? Check out their website for their cupcakery here.

If you think you have a real-life romance to rival fictional romances, submit your personal story to True Vows here.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.


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