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Wholesale Keychain Review

Do you ever go out during the day and not return home until after dark and come home to a dark house? I have done that so many times. Gone out and never thought to leave the outside light on so I fumble around to try and find the door knob to unlock the door or try and find the right key on my key chain. And the longer you stand there the more you freak yourself out with scary thoughts and fake noises coming from the black backyard. I always said I need a flashlight on my key chain and now I do. And let me tell you its almost as handy as the keys themselves.

Wholesale Keychain sent me the Laser Pointer Key chain with built in LED flashlight. It retails for only $7.99 and is my new BFF. It is powered by 4 X AG3 batteries (not included) and gives you 100,000hrs of LED light. It is silver in color and can be used 2 ways, one with the laser pointer and the other with the flashlight. The flashlight is amazing and I can see the whole way from my car to the door and even flash it in my backyard to look for those scary noises as I am walking to unlock the door. This key chain has a 6 month warranty and is water resistant.

Wholesale Keychain has a million different key chains to choose from. You can get everything from sports key chains to automobile key chains. There is something for everybody and key chains make great gifts. Who doesn’t need a key chain?

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*