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K&E Darlin Designs Review

This past summer we tried out a new campground called Yogi Bear Park. We chose to go on a Halloween Themed weekend. It was a weekend filled with Halloween activities and the kids got to go Trick or Treating one night. It was a blast. Preparing for a camping weekend is hard enough but finding Halloween Candy and Costumes in the summer made it a bit more difficult.

Lauren from K&E Darlin Designs sent me a Tutu, Flip Flops and Hair Bow earlier in the summer which worked out perfect for Halloween in August. All I had to do was add a leotard and we had ourselves a beautiful ballerina…or princess or fairy…it changed so many times that weekend I am not really sure what she ended up being…:)

The Tutu was awesome and any little girl would love it along with the matching flip flops and Hair Bow. Sadie still plays with hers all the time and it is usually on the top of her dress up pile for easy access. It was very well made and put together with lots of tulle on both the tutu and flip flops. I ended up sewing it a little smaller but that was okay as I know its going to last her a very long time. She will enjoy these 3 items for many many years.

K&E Darlin Designs is founded by 2 moms..Lauren and Kim. They named their shop after their 2 children Kyndall and Emily. Besides Tutus and Bows they also have very cute Bottle Cap Jewellery. There are oodles of colors and patterns to choose from and I am sure the little girl in your life would love any of the items they have to offer. They now have Pillowcase Dresses to order as well.

For more information or to see what K&E Darlin Designs has to offer check them out at their Etsy Shop.

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*