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IntelliGender Review

On August 30th at book club, we found out one of the girls was pregnant! So exciting, considering Carly and her husband have been trying for ages and now it’s finally happening. In November, Carly will be going to her OB/GYN to find out the answer to the question that nearly all soon-to-be parents are dying to know: is it a boy or is it a girl?

Carly’s pregnancy gave me the opportunity to work with IntelliGender, a company that has developed an in-home pee test that is designed to let you know the sex of your baby well before 20 weeks. IntelliGender was developed by two moms that believed there had to be a way to find out sooner whether expectant mothers should plan for a boy or a girl. In trials, the test was found to be 90% accurate. IntelliGender has reported that they have over 500,000 satisfied customers. The test is sold on IntelliGender’s website for $34.95, and can also be found at most pharmacies.

The small pink and blue box contains three items: a small cup in which to pee, a syringe, and a container that looks like a prescription pill bottle. Totally adorable! Carly peed in the little cup, then used the syringe to collect her urine and dispense it into the pill bottle to stir for 10 seconds to mix with a powder. She kept it in her guest room, and went to check on it after 10 minutes. According to the test results, Carly should plan for a boy! Want to know if the OB/GYN agrees with IntelliGender? I’ll give you an update in November as soon as Carly makes it facebook official.

Carly had a lot of fun helping me with this review. She states that the test was very quick, and had easy to follow instructions. She is still a little iffy as to whether it’s something she would recommend to others after reading other reviews. She also mentioned that the combination of the urine and the powder had an overpowering and unpleasant aroma. But for the comfort of privacy in my own home, no cold gel on my bare belly, and no doctors, I don’t think I’d mind too much buying IntelliGender during my next pregnancy.

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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