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Glow Baby Review

From the first moment we find out we are pregnant, we turn into parents. We start to shift our priorities to our unborn child and their needs from that very moment. Its no longer just you anymore or you and your partner…you now have a child to care for, look after and keep healthy and alive. Everything else gets put on the back burner until they leave the nest.

I have what is called mommy brain which I am sure you all have had too…or still have. Things that I use to be good at like organizing my home, cleaning and paying bills on time, have been forgotten..not on purpose, just literally forgotten.

I remember bringing Sadie home from the hospital and having to remember to write down when she peed, pooped, ate, what boob she ate from and what time, when I changed her diapers, when she slept, Dr.s app. and so on. I had post it notes EVERYWHERE!!! It was crazy how much those tiny little creatures do in a run of a day….no wonder we have mommy brain.

Glow Baby has put out 3 very helpful tools for you to make your life a lot easier during those first days until they do leave the nest. As your children get older they only become busier in different ways. I was happy to pass along 2/3 of these things to mothers of new babies as I know how much I would of appreciated them 3 1/2 years ago. It would of saved me LOTS of post its.

The first tool is the Baby’s First Journal(15.99 Can.).  This journal is a Feeding, Sleeping and Diapering Log. This will make your public health visits go very smooth and they will be thrilled to know you are recording everything. This journal starts off with a growth Log so you can track your baby’s height and weight as they grow. Then use the chart on the following pages to record Breastfeeding details or Formula Feeding details, how many wet diapers or poo diapers and when they slept and when they got up. It also has 2 check boxes for bath and baby’s daily Vitamin. There is also a few pages in the back for Contacts. This journal comes in 3 different colors and is the perfect size for your diaper bag or purse.

The second tool is Baby’s First Foods ($22 Can.).   This too is the perfect size to carry in your diaper bag or purse. It has lists where you can record Allergy/food sensitivity, likes and dislikes, and sectioned off in Grain, Veggie, Fruit, Protein, Dairy and Snacks. It also has a weekly menu planner (12 weeks) to you introduce a variety of different foods into your child’s diet. Its also good for day cares to have on hand or your caregiver. This is excellent to bring along to Dr’s app. especially if their is a food issue.

The last tool is the Organized Family Calendar ($26 Can.).  This is going to help me with my new years resolution to be more organized. It is a 14″x 21.5″ Calendar that you can hang in your office, kitchen or anywhere you like and write down just about anything in the perfect size spaces for each day of the month. It also has a rip off weekly tracker that is good for the top of your desk or just to rip off each week. It has a place for 6 family members or you can use those as extra spaces. It even has a place for chores to be ticked off. Its the perfect family planner and one of the best I have seen so far.

Glow Baby is a Canadian company founded by Lindsay Harris from Toronto. She is a mom of 2 kids and found it difficult to keep track of things for both her, her toddler and her newborn. She started with making Baby’s First Journal and kept going with the other 2 products to make life a wee bit simpler for every parent. Check out Glow Baby at for more information.

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*