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EcoUsable Review

I don’t like the taste of plain tap water. Our water at home always looks dirty when it comes straight from the tap, and we don’t have a filter attached to our sink anymore. I always make sure my daughter drinks plenty of water, but I’m the one facing a daily challenge to make sure that I drink it more. I started to think about the reasons I don’t like drinking water at home, and came up with a few. If I’m drinking any kind of liquid, which is mostly soda or Sobe these days, it comes in a plastic container. After awhile, the bottle seems to make its contents taste a little stale.

Not every plastic water bottle is safe to re-use, either. After I received a couple stainless steel water bottles to try out from EcoUsable, I did a little research and found out a few things about plastic water bottles I didn’t know. Did you ever notice that on the bottom of your plastic bottles there are single digit numbers in an arrowed triangle? Depending on which number you see, your plastic bottle may or may not be safe to re-use. The Sobe I’m currently drinking from has a number 1, which identifies it as type of plastic that shouldn’t be washed out and re-used because bacteria is more likely to grow in it.

I’ve noticed since having the EcoUsable Big Dipper bottle ($24.99), which can hold 25 oz. of any warm to cold liquid–including juices, that I’ve been drinking a lot more water. The water stays colder and tastes fresher than water from reusable plastic containers. The curves of the bottle make it easy to get a good grip, and I love that it can fit in most drink holders for cars. It’s also really easy to clean with just hot soapy water and white vinegar to rinse it out. I thought the vinegar would cause the bottle to smell and the water I added after cleaning it to taste strange, but it tasted just fine.

Because carrying around the 25 oz. bottle isn’t always going to be a possibility when on the go, I’m glad to also have one of the 10 oz. bottles ($12.49). We live near a few shopping centers, which are easily accessible by walking, so I’m on the go quite a bit. I can even change the lid of the 10 oz. bottle to a sports top make it easier for me to walk and drink at the same time. It can either ride in the cup holder, or I can attach it to one of the loops on my purse with a matching carabiner. Unlike the 25 oz. bottle, however, the 10 oz. should be used for cold liquids only.

I also received one of EcoUsable’s Water Wrapz, which slips around the waist of the stainless steel bottles and helps me get an even better grip on the bottle. I can also write my name on it so if we have more than one water container being used in the house at a time we can differentiate between them.

I love using the EcoUsable water bottles. There’s really no excuses left for me not to drink water. I will definitely be shopping on EcoUsable soon; from looking around, I saw that there’s a filter for tap water that also works with the Big Dipper water bottle, which is perfect for me since I prefer filtered over tap water.

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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