Book Review | The Saga of Pacific Islands Series

The Saga of Pacific Islands by author David Luders transports the reader directly into the historical saga of Polynesia in a series of 3 books (9 total will be released). Many of my favorite books are historical novels and The Saga of Pacific Islands is exceptional.

Led By The Stars”, the first in the series, explores feudalism in the Pacific Islands. The novel brilliantly explores the complex relationships that form when two races that were previously unaware that the other existed are brought together to under the newly established colony. What makes this book so captivating is that the author is based on actual events passed down through fifty generations of native oral histories. “Led By the Stars” brings to life a history rich in culture and full of adventure.

Break The Sky is book two in The Saga of Pacific Islands and is set 750 years ago among the Tongan seafarers. It follows the consequences of the narcotic drug, Kava derived from a sacred plant and how it can “drive conflict and change.” There is also a romance between a high chief’s daughter and a young man. The author has the most amazing gift of making the reader feel like you are watching history unfold….I could almost smell the sweet and salty air while reading the descriptive story.

Cataclysm, book three in The Saga of Pacific Islands occurs in 1452 when  a massive volcano separated one island into five and follows the aftermath of two young survivors who go on to marry and restore life in their former home.

The Saga of the Pacific Islands is a thoroughly authentic and entertaining adventure epic. If you love to read about history then The Saga of Pacific Islands should be on your must read list. I am eagerly awaiting the next installments in this captivating series.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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