Book Review | Mercy Rising

Title: Mercy Rising: Simple Ways to Practice Justice and Compassion

Author: Amber Robinson

My Review:

I think “someone” is trying to tell me something~ this is the second book in a row that I’ve read to review that’s main objective is to call people to action to help the hurting world of people all around them. This book happens to be geared to women in particular.

This book is more than a plea to “help the poor…” poverty is a serious problem bith at home and globally, but somehow we have become desensitized to the tragedy of it. There are actually so many injusticed that should be put to rights~ illness, child abuse, hunger, orphans, the working poor~ and the list goes on.

Jesus is very clear about how He will separate true followers from the regular crowd. In Matthew 25, he repeats His criteria 3 times… which to me really puts it into perspective.

“… those who feed the hungry, give water to the parched, clothe the naked, shelter the stranger, nurse the sick and visit the prisoner.”

Another something I had never considered which I found very interesting was the chapter that covers a different kind of poverty; “the poverty of being unloved, unwanted and uncared for.” The message in this chapter is that this love begins at home with the people you live with and soon spreads outwards to the people who do not have anyone to love them.

The thing I loved most about this book was that a lot of the stuff to do was so simple and so immediate. No need for grandeur, but just simple acts of kindness or changes we can make to our every day lives that will create a domino effect of change that you might even find overwhelming in time.

I really hope many of you will go out and grab this book. It can be used as a devotional book as well because there are reflection pages filled with questions to call you into action~ sometimes when we put pen to paper we find ourselves putting more things into action. Enjoy!

I’ll end with my new favorite quote…

“Sometimes you have to jump off cliffs and grow wings on the way down.”

I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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