Book Review | Two Lethal Lies

Title: Two Lethal Lies

Author: Annie Solomon

My thoughts:

The mysteries and questions posed in this book will keep you on the edge of your seat.  I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to know the answers and how the story would all end.  At times it was hard to tell who exactly was guilty of what but I liked how the story ended.  All my questions were answered.  The characters were all flawed but I grew to care about the few that mattered and were on the good side.  It was nice and fast paced with a little bit of romance thrown in.  Mostly it was about worrying about who Julia should be with and who was out to hurt her.  I loved how Neesy worried about the child as if she was her own.  As a mother I enjoy story lines full of people worried about the kids instead of just ignoring the situation because that’s the easier route.  The war between the brothers comes to an end as the story unfolds with the lives of the daughter, Annie, and the love interest, Neesy, at stake.  The romance takes backseat most of the book to the suspense and violence of the hunt for Julia and the serial killer.  There is some graphic violence but it doesn’t get too gruesome which I appreciate.  I love the humanity and sensitivity in some of the main characters and how Julia faces her fears at the end.  Any one who loves suspense novels should pick this one up; it is a chilling masterpiece about a psychopathic serial killer.

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You can buy Two Lethal Lies by Annie Solomon for $6.99 U.S./ $7.99 CAN.  Check out behind the scenes of Two Lethal Lies here:

Disclaimer: This book was provided for review for free. I was in no way compensated for this post. Everything written is my own thoughts and feelings. Thank you!


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