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Waterpik Review

Waterpik recently completed a survey that discovered “50 percent of moms say they use the shower as a time to escape”. I know that in my house that is one very true statement. Alone time is hard to come by when you have small kids and especially if you have one who has special needs. Often that ten to fifteen minutes in the shower is the only time I’m alone all day long. So a good shower head is vital to my sanity.

The Waterpik Medallion Showerhead has been amazing to use. It can be hand held which has come in handy this week with my youngest. She got into some baby oil and decided to make her hair pretty like a princess. Not so fun to clean up when you have a fixed shower head. This made it very easy to clean her hair up without getting a cup or picking her up to hold her under the water.

The mist feature will come in handy this winter as I’m fairly certain some one in my house will have croup at some point in time. Another feature that I am in love with is the circular massage. My shoulders are constantly tight. I get to haul around a 38 pound kiddo day in and day out. In the past if I needed some relief from that tension I had to take a muscle relaxer. Fifteen minutes under the massage setting and I’m good to go. At least this way I’m not tired from a muscle relaxer all day. It works much better.

The shower head was easy to install. I think it took ten minutes and that was because the old shower head was hard to take off. I like that the nozzles are easy to clean. It’s a must if you have hard water. The other great thing is that it has a built in water saving feature.

If you are in the market for a new showerhead you should take a look at the Waterpik Medallion Showerhead. It might be a little bit more than some other brands but considering I bought a different brand of shower head the same day I received this one to review; I can tell you that it’s worth it. I took the other brand back after testing them both out.  I normally wouldn’t go to that much trouble to return a product but it was honestly worth it to me to get this brand over the other.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


Erin is an Army wife and mom of two girls and one boy who lives in Utah. I love to read, blog, and be an advocate for childhood stroke survivors like her son.

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