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Steri-Bottle Review

When I think back to when Sadie was a baby I remember what a pain baby bottles were. You had to wash them, sterilize them, fill them, feed them and repeat every 3-4 hrs. That’s a lot of baby bottles. And lets not forget how many you had to pack for a day trip or an afternoon out. Good thing she was cute!!!

Steri-Bottle has made all that work a bit easier for you. They have come out with a 100% recyclable, ready to use, BPA and phthalate free, already sterilized, disposable baby bottle. Yes you read it right…its like your very own heaven!

You can leave one at Grandma’s in case you forget your bottle at home, leave one in the car for the same reason and stash on in your diaper bag for back-up. OR…that 4 am feeding when you are half asleep and forget where you laid the bottle after and find it a week later on the floor under the bed…toss it out!

You can choose from a 5 or 10 pack with bottles and nipples ready to use in a box. The bottles are stacked neatly in a box and packaged in a re-sealing bag of 5 or 10. The nipples are in a shrink wrap stack of the same number. They are stocked in a few Canadian stores such as Cheeky Monkey in London, ON, but are mostly available in the USA. Babies “R” Us is the key site.

My sister tried these with Gracie when we went camping this summer and thought it was a fantastic idea. She said they were very handy for camping as well as for day trips, beach trips and hotels (places where facilities aren’t readily available to wash and sanitize).  Although she found the nipple flow a bit fast for her 12 week old at the time she figures it was because Gracie was still on the slow flow nipple and she is sure that when she gets older it will be no problem. They were easy to put together, did not leak and she thinks they are just great!

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*