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Christi Harris Review

I used to keep on top of getting my hair done, having a massage, getting my eyebrows waxed but now that I have a child those things don’t always happen when needed or planned.  I have had to resort to home pedi/mani, waxing or plucking and home dye kits at times when money was tight or time was not there.

I was happy to try out some of  brow planning tools from Christi Harris.  Its like a makeover for your eyebrows which I am in need of right now.  I loved how easy everything was to use with simply directions to help along the way.

I got to try the Lift-N-Lite concealer/highlighter.  Its like foundation for your eye arches.  It kinda smooths everything and gives you a brighter eye.  ($15.99)

The Seal-N-Shine is like a hair product for your eye brows.  Kinda like a gel or hair spray for this fly away brows.

The last thing is my favorite.  The Precision Brow Planing Shears.  ($29.99)  I hate tweezers and everything about them…they hurt and I end up always pinching my skin and leaving a red mark.  They are very easy to use and they are quite sharp so they do a fab job.  I really think these are great products.  Very simple to use with step by step instructions and pictures.

Christi Harris grew up in Texas and had a love for doing makeovers on her dolls.  Her products include skincare, antiaging, body, hair, makeup and more which can all be seen on her website

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*