Book Review | The Testings of Devotion

Title: The Testings of Devotion (The Heavenly Host)

Author: Cheryl Dellasega

My thoughts:

This is a real deep fiction that makes you think.  It is fiction but left me wondering, could it really be like this in heaven.  There were several biblical truths intermingled with ideas of who angels are and how heaven is divided.  No one really knows what heaven is honestly like but I am always dreaming about what it might look like and be like.  This is a beautifully written novel with lots of imagery and imagination.  I loved how the author wove in bible characters and events in the bible on why and how they happened.  It was wonderful to hear it from a (fictional) angel’s view.  I picked this book up not really knowing what I would think of it but I had a hard time putting it down.  It was a little difficult for me to read at times because it needed my whole attention as it made me think and imagination if it really happens that way.  The story line moves very well and pulls out some punches.  I did not anticipate some of the surprises along the way.  I would liken this to books like The Shack as it is a fiction that makes you think and has to be read from a religious standpoint.  It is definitely worth the read.  Just remember it is a fiction and to not take everything literally.  It makes me think about angels and Lucifer differently and made me realize there truly is a scary spiritual war going on even if we don’t always see it.  The novel brought that spiritual was to life.

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