Book Review | The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

Title: The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life beyond This World

Author: Kevin & Alex Malarkey

My Review:

I’m having a hard time writing the review for this book. I had a hard time reading this book. Not because it’s a horrible book but rather because so much of it hit so close to home. It’s been an emotional read on many levels. I don’t think there was a chapter I didn’t read through tears. Some were tears of pain as they brought back memories of our own medical trials with Colby, others tears of joy and healing.

The boy who came back from heaven is the true story of Alex Malarkey. He and his father Kevin were in a car accident when Alex was 6 years old. Alex and his dad were coming home from church the day after they had brought home his new baby brother. They were traveling on an unfamiliar road on their way home. What Kevin didn’t know was that though the road to his right looked clear it was really a blind hill. As he crossed the intersection they were broadsided. Kevin was thrown from the car and Alex had his spinal chord almost completely severed. If you have heard of Christopher Reeves spinal chord injury it was very similar.

Alex spent the next two months in a coma. When he woke up he had many trials ahead of him. As he regained his speech he started telling the story of what happened to him while he was in the coma. Alex was in heaven and he has consistently told the same story over and over to anyone who will listen to him.

Alex says at the end of the book that he’s not amazing he’s just a kid. I disagree. His story is amazing and so is he. As the mother of a child with some pretty severe disabilities I am constantly in awe of the resilience, the amazing attitudes and the spirituality of kids with challenges like theirs. The book is full of tales of Alex speaking with angels and with God and Jesus.

While I don’t normally talk about it much I know that my own son has conversations like that too. Occasionally he will stare off into a corner, get a huge smile on his face and make noises that sound like he is having a conversation with someone. When he focuses back on us and we ask him if he was talking to an angel he smiles so big and radiates a different kind of peace and energy.

This book is an amazing testimony from a family with great humility and faith. They aren’t trying to convert anyone to their particular religion they are just following through on their son’s directive to tell his story to as many people as possible. I can say that through my own experiences and being of a different faith than this family it is a book I highly recommend to everyone. After reading Alex’s story it has reinforced my own commitment to share Colby’s story as we have felt that his journey is also one that needs to be told. This is one book that I really and truly hope everyone who hears of it will go find a copy and read it.

I received a copy of this book to review but was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own.


Erin is an Army wife and mom of two girls and one boy who lives in Utah. I love to read, blog, and be an advocate for childhood stroke survivors like her son.

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