Book Review | Giving You the WOW and the HOW

Title: Giving You the WOW and the HOW: 44 Tips From the Millionaire Manicurist that will Change Your Life Now

Author: Sharmen Lane

My Review:

Everything you have read on changing your life, throw away- the only book you need is this one! She will give you her personal story, so you can get an idea where she is coming from and why she talks about the things she does. In the introduction page, she gives you three wonderful tips to help you through life and choices you make. Throughout the book is where she will give you her personal life lesson you might say. You will start to see similarities in you and the author, and strong differences as well, I know I did!

Starting in chapter one, you will get more tips, #1-3 is included in the introduction section, #4-8 is in this chapter and so on. The best part of what I like about the book is the exercise’s she gives you to write things down. At the end of the chapter comes a Lessons Learned part, where you can get better ideas from the exercises you have done, such as “Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the touch questions and really hear the answers”.

Each chapter will give you more of the same- more tips, more exercises and more lessons! You will not grow bored with it! I will tell you that I read through this to see what it was about and now have been studying a chapter each week. Since doing that and glancing through the book, I have truly become a better person. I am anxious to keep working on this, and will plan on updating once a week on my personal blog! So, find a notebook and get to work! Dig through the negative to truly allow the positive to come through!

This isn’t just a self help book, this is a self help HOW TO book! I am a fan for sure, and this is my HONEST opinion about this book!

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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