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Title: Meet Me in Manhattan (True Vows)

Author: Judith Arnold

My Review:

The last thing Erika Fredell planned on doing the summer after she graduated from high school was fall deeply in love. She wanted nothing to ground her in New Jersey because she wanted to attend college out of state, experience new adventures, and travel. Instead of staying in New Jersey for Ted Skala and admitting just how much she loved him, Erika broke it off. Ted would have done anything for her, even followed her to Colorado if she had allowed it. Hurt, angry, and rejected, Ted vowed to Erika he would never date her or love her again.

16 years later Ted is in a new relationship, but the memory of Erika lingers. Erika has achieved everything she set out for, but she has never had another relationship that came even close to capturing what she once had with Ted. Now they are both living in Manhattan, successful in their chosen careers. Meeting for drinks one fateful evening lets both of them know there is still something between them. Erika realizes that she may have lost her shot at Ted forever. Should she even dare hope there is the chance for them to be together once again?

I am a sucker for a good chick flick, and now lately for a great romance novel. But Meet Me in Manhattan by Judith Arnold is really unique amongst romance novels. HCI Books is taking real life stories of people who lost each other only to find each other once again years later, or people who found their way together even though the odds were stacked against them. Because these are stories of real life, they are even more touching to read.

Judith Arnold interviewed the couple portrayed in this novelization of their relationship and wrote it as if it were a fictional account. Both Ted and Erika were carefully fleshed out, but the author would sometimes get repetitive about what they both were thinking. I would experience moments of de ja vu as I read one paragraph and realized I had read it phrased a bit differently earlier on in the book. At 250 pages, this was a pretty short book. I would have been just fine if it had been even shorter if that meant Arnold wouldn’t repeat herself so often just to add more pages to the finished book.

I love the idea behind this new series, and am excited to see what HCI books will come out with next. If you have a romance to rival the great fictional couples, you could be fictionalized next! Check out for more information.

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my reading experience.*



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