Book Review | Book of Souls

Title: Book of Souls

Author: Glenn Cooper

My Review:

A few months ago I read Glenn Cooper’s amazing novel, Library of the Dead and I knew I had found a new author that I loved. I was excited to read the sequel to Library of the Dead, called Book of Souls. I wasn’t sure how Cooper could take the first novel and write a sequel but I was amazed at the results!

Book of Souls finds Will Piper, the protagonist of the first book, retired from the FBI uncovering the conspiracy of Area 51 and the secret books that mark the births and deaths of everyone in the world until 2027. Will has married his FBI partner and they have a son. Will thinks that his retirement has marked his involvement with these books, and all these secrets, but he finds himself embroiled in another adventure when he is tracked down by a group of retirees connected to the books and Area 51. One of the members knows his date of death is quickly approaching and he wants Piper to help him discover how the books came into existence so that he can die knowing the truth behind the mysteries.

These pleas lead Will to help the men buy a copy of one of the books (marked 1527) that has resurfaced after centuries and is being auctioned off in England. The Watchers from Area 51 also discover the book’s existence and try to buy it as well. When they are not successful, they discover that Will is connected with the purchase and the chase begins. The Watchers will go to any lengths to retrieve this book and they will let no one stand in their way.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this novel was incredibly easy to follow (though it does flip back and forth between different time periods) and that Cooper had incorporated several historical figures (including Shakespeare and Nostradamus) into the plot to explain the history of this one particular volume from the library of the dead. The story was interesting, engaging and I found myself returning to read time and again because I was so interested in finding out how the novel was going to end!

I’d highly recommend this novel. I loved both the books in this series but I actually enjoyed Book of Souls even more than the first book! It’s a great novel with lots of action, interesting characters and a truly fascinating plot!

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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