Audiobook Review | Backseat Saints

Title: Backseat Saints

Author: Joshilyn Jackson

My Review:

Well I am not a new fan of 2 things~ Joshilyn Jackson and audio books. {I have a 30 minute commute to work each way every day… it’s really great for that.}

In this book we meet Ro Grandy and Rose Mae Lolley who are the same person biologically, but very different in personality. For quite some time, I was convinced she had a split personality, but I think now she was just a confused and scared woman who did what she had to in order to survive.

Ms. Jackson weaves a tale that runs in and out of the past and present and although complicated it is thoroughly intriguing.

Ro is a perfect housewife who is in a very abusive relationship. As the author says she “takes punches like a lady.” Her husband Tom has a temper that is explosive and unpredictable and she does all she can to make him happy and keep his anger under control.

Her alter ego Rose Mae would not have taken that from any man. In a seemingly chance encounter with a tarot card reading gypsy, we see Rose Mae emerge in full force when the cards reveal to her that her husband will kill her unless she kills him first. I am not sure how she did it, but even with it’s dark undertones this novel has so many “funny” moments that really had me laughing aloud.

Rose Mae eventually ends up on a journey to find the mother who abandoned her and to escape the clutches of a man who’s rage consumes her mentally and physically.

Listening to the author read her own novel was a real treat because you hear exactly the tone in which everything is said. I was captivated. Each character has their own “twang” and drawl and personality. It was really wonderful. It has surprises that will almost make you gasp aloud, heartfelt moments from the past and the present and your heart will ache and leap for joy~ lots of emotions in this one. Great book.

I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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