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Did you know that 10-19% of gift cards are never redeemed and probably forgotten or lost? Have you ever received a gift card that you weren’t sure how you would use? Maybe it was a gift from someone or a card you won in a contest. I know that I have gotten gift cards in the past from out of town family members who gave me gift cards for stores that were not in my local area. The thought was there, but I wasn’t sure how I would be able to use it without driving for hours to get to that store. For a $20 gift card, you can see how it would not be worth it. Most times the cards went to waste and either expired or I ended up losing track of them. is the solution for people in the very same situation I was in. With this site, you can sell your unwanted gift cards and make some money! I recall having some Cineplex Gift Cards a few years back, but there was no theatre in my area. This would have been the perfect spot for me to do a gift exchange!

Selling your gift card is super easy. Just list it on You will be sent an email when it sells and then you ship the gift card within 3 days to its buyer. will send you a cheque in the mail for the sale price less their fee (6% of the sale price; minimum $4.50). There are no listing fees and you only pay when your item sells. I really like that aspect because I have been burned on ebay with their listing fees and my items never even sold.

Of course, you can also buy discounted gift cards on! Search by price, discount, category and location. I had a look around and seen a few Gift Cards that looked interesting. For instance, I found an $100 AMC Gift Card on sale for $72- a savings of $28! There’s also a $314.14 Jacob gift card on sale for $265- I love that store! It’s free to buy gift cards as well and you only pay for the purchase price of the card.

I like that offers a certified guarantee for its users. It includes:

  • Validating all gift cards before putting them on the site through the retailers website, 1-800 number, or direct store location number. You will never buy a gift card that does not work, or has inaccurate amount on
  • INTERAC Only: uses a no credit policy to ensure that we and are users cannot become thevictims of credit card fraud.
  • Full refunds to unsatisfied buyers.

This is a fantastic site for Canadians who either want to buy gift cards for themselves or as gifts or to sell unwanted gift cards or both! I have bookmarked this site and plan to do some Christmas shopping here!

I had a chance to talk to Lisa of and find out a bit more information on the inner workings of this site and here’s what she had to say…

Can you tell me how works? is Canada’s premier online marketplace dedicated to the exchange of gift cards. This online community efficiently connects buyers and sellers of gift cards in a safe environment. This is exclusively available to Canadians, tailored for our local retailers. provides a trusted third party service that benefits buyers, sellers and retailers of gift cards.

What kind of gift cards can people buy/sell? Is there a minimum amount?

CardSwap accepts any kind of gift card. Just post a gift card on our website and we will place it in the appropriate category. Our categories are Accessories (Shoes, Glasses, Jewellery), Arts & Crafts Baby & Maternity, Books & Movies & Music & Games, Clothing Department Stores, Dining & Food, Electronics, Health & Beauty & Spa, Home, Miscellaneous, Office, Pet, Services, Sports.

Gift cards posted must have a minimum value of at least $10.00.

Please describe your typical user.

Our typical user is female, with $100,000+ household income, has a bachelors degree and above, is between the ages of 25-50 and married with children that are under 16 years old.

What sets your site apart from others? Are you the only site in that niche?

CardSwap is Canada’s #1 site for discounted gift cards because we always have a large inventory available for buyers and we offer the lowest rates for sellers. We are the only competitive site offering these services.

What are the most popular gift cards?

Our most popular gift cards are Cineplex, AMC, The Keg Steakhouse, Bestbuy, Apple, Canadian Tire, Gap and Old Navy.

Is it Canada only or can other countries join? is a Canadian company and we provide our services within Canada only.

How can I list my gift card on your site? What are the costs?

More information on how to buy and sell a gift card can be found on our website at:

CardSwap charges a 6% fee (minimum of $4.50) on the sale price of the gift card. It is completely free to list gift cards for sale on cardSwap. You will only be charged when it sells.

How can people find you? is connected to many social media channels!

We are on Twitter:

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Visit us on our website at

Check our blog out at

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