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Ladybug Steam Cleaners is your online guide to steam cleaners.  They have set up a website just for us consumers to find useful information on vapor steam cleaners including reviews, prices, info and uses of the different models on the market and all the technical specifications. For example you can find Ladybug Teckno 2350 reviews. Basically its the “go-to” site for vapor steam cleaners!

I don’t use steam cleaners as often as I should so this is a good site for me to check out as someone who doesn’t really know much about the subject of steam cleaning.  This site is a wealth of information. I liked how the reviews show both the pluses and minuses of each product  and you can also read real consumer reviews submitted by people just like us. I read over the sections on Dust mites, bed bugs and mold. It’s gross even to think about because of the “ick factor”. Now all I want to do is get a steam cleaner and do my mattress. Bed bugs sound particularly nasty and are described as “blood-sucking, vampire-like insects” and they bite!  Vapor steam cleaners will rid your bed of these unwanted intruders.

In addition, there’s a section on User Tips which describes the way to get the most out of your vapor steam cleaner in the different areas of your home (ie. carpets, blinds, kitchens, floors, etc).

Next time you have a question about vapor steam cleaning, check out this site and learn all about the ways to make your home a cleaner, safer environment.

This post was brought to you by the folks at Ladybug Steam Cleaners.

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