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One thing I have learned after having chronic pain for the past 5 years is that women need to be their own health advocates. I have seen doctor after doctor searching for answers and running into many obstacles along the way. I have learned to do my own research and be PROACTIVE with my doctors to tell them what tests I want, medications I want to try, etc. Make a list of questions before your doctor’s visit and ASK YOUR DOCTOR all your concerns!

One thing women most women already do is have a regular Pap Test which checks your cervix for abnormalities or cell changes. I actually had an abnormal PAP test about 12 years ago and was told I had “mild dysplasia”. I had to get tested every few months and eventually it resolved on its own and I have been fine since. However, I know of other women who have not been so lucky and have actually developed cervical cancer.

There’s another test that you need to ask your doctor about when you are getting your annual PAP Test done. It’s called the digene HPV Test. This test is conducted from the same sample as the Pap test and identifies women with high-risk HPV infections that can cause cervical cancer. When used along with a Pap test on women age 30 and over,  the HPV test increases the ability to identify who is at risk of developing cervical cancer.

So if you are over 30 years old like me, ask your doctor to do the digene HPV Test along with your regular Pap test. Remember many doctors don’t do this so you need to ask them and insist they do it for you!  If both tests come back normal, then the tests don’t need to be repeated for 3 years. If either test or both come back with abnormal results, it doesn’t mean you have cancer. Your doctor will want to monitor you closely to ensure that cancer doesn’t develop.

I am sure you are wondering why only women over age 30 to ask for this test…I know I was wondering! Its actually because HPV infections in younger women tend to go away on their own without causing any issues.

Check out the digene HPV Test website for a wealth of information. You can learn more about the HPV Test, Pap Tests, HPV infections and just about everything you would want to know on the subject. I have an avid interest in women’s health issues because of my own pain condition so I devoured all the info on this site and bookmarked it to use as a reference. I actually am seeing my doctor tomorrow (what a coincidence!) and I will be asking about the digene HPV Test.

Take charge of your health and ask your doctor about the digene HPV Test on your next visit!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of the QIAGEN digene HPV test. Mom Central also sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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