Lavera Review

Lavera products have become my best friend this summer.  I think I have mentioned before that Sadie has sensitive skin and I have a really hard time finding products that don’t irritate her.  I look for organic, natural and no nasties in whatever I use on her so I was thrilled to see that Lavera was all that and more. I got to review Lavera’s sunscreen products.  It is made for sensitive skin and delicate skin for children and babies and adults too.  It is 100% mineral based and they were the first ones to manufacture 100% mineral based sun protection and have even won awards for some of their products.

I am happy to report that Sadie had no reaction to any of the products that I tried on her.  I tried the Sun 30 Neutral which retails for $31.00 for a 200ml spray bottle.  It is a fragrance free sun protection for face and body.  I also tried the Sun 20 Sensitiv SPF lotion. It is on sale now for $21.60 for a 125 ml bottle.  This product contained Organic Calendula and Organic Shea Butter.  It felt like a moisturizer.  Both went on great…spray bottle form and lotion form and the best part was there is no waiting time.  You don’t have to put the sunscreen on 30 minutes before…it has instant protection.  Yes…Instant!!!

For more information about these products go to  Lavera has tons of other products such as cosmetics, skin care, self tanners and more.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Simpy Stacie