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Zevia Review

An all-natural pop? Does such a thing even exist? I would have thought no until I was introduced to Zevia soda! Its the world’s only all-natural sugar free pop and has NO artificial sweeteners, sodium or fat, and is LESS THAN 1 CALORIE!  Its sweetened with Stevia, an herb from the sunflower family that has no effect on blood sugar levels and is much sweeter than sugar. They are a much healthier alternative to diet soda (which is laden with chemicals!).

Zevia comes in these flavours:

  • Natural Cola
  • Natural Orange
  • Natural Twist
  • Natural Root Beer
  • Natural Black Cherry
  • Natural Ginger Ale
  • Natural Dr. Zevia

I am not a big diet pop drinker because I don’t like the artificial sweeteners they use.  I prefer to drink the regular pop, but then again, I don’t like the high sugar content.  I was sent six cans of Zevia in the various flavours and was curious to see how it would taste. I drank the Dr. Zevia and the Root Beer because these are the types that I usually drink in regular pop. It tasted the same! Just like regular Dr. Pepper and Root Beer! I couldn’t believe it! It was cold and refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness and flavour. I was hooked!

John loves Pepsi so he went right to the can of Natural Cola. He said he could tell that it wasn’t the regular cola that he drinks, but he said he does like it. He drank the whole can so I would say that’s a good sign! He needs to limit his sugar intake so Zevia will allow him to still enjoy his pop, but without all the extra sugar and calories.

Buy Zevia online for $23.99/case of 24 or find a store that carries it near you. Its available in both US & Canada!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Stacie Vaughan

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