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My blog buddies and fellow Fit for Fall co-hosts, Cindi of Little Yayas and Jen from Review Retreat, reviewed Beachbody’s hard core workout program TurboFire! It sounds pretty intense. Check out an excerpt from Cindi’s review about it:

Turbo Fire is a workout program that comes complete with:*12 TurboFire Classes on 10 DVDs: WOW talk about a hard core and intense workout program. HIIT classes are more intense but shorter. There are a few bursts of pushing the intensity level. Stretch classes are stretching out all those muscles you are using when you get fired up. The the Fire Classes offer a lot of jumping, dance like moves, positive energy, kicking, and boxing type moves.

*Get Fired Up DVD: This is a great DVD where Chalene give you great information that will help you get the most out of each workout exercise class, what to expect, and gets you fired up for TurboFire.

*Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide: Provides you with information how and why TurboFire is so unbelievably amazing.

*Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide: This will guide you to proper eating practices while you are working out. Learn how to lose weight, count calories, what to drink and not to drink, and Chalenes gives you her Calorie-Conscious Meals. Chalene’s Calorie-Conscious Meals offer several deliciously satisfying recipes for you and your family. Enjoy great meals while cutting calories.

*TurboFire Class Schedule: I love visuals and having a plan. TurboFire Class Schedule gives you a daily schedule to follow each week, for 20 weeks. Use this as a guide to help get a tone fit body.

*5-Day Inferno Plan: Get hot for the weekend: This is a GREAT 5 day plan to optimize your week workout. Have a party or get together coming up on the weekend, this is for you. It provides you with a daily meal plan and daily workout class for five days.

*Lower Body Band: This is a body-sculpting band is used in the Sculpting and Toning classes will help you get curves you want from your legs to your arms.

*Measuring Tape: To keep track of your before, during, and after sizes. Don’t just get the results, see the results as they happen.

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