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The Bar Method Review

I want a Bar Butt!! No, not the fish, but a nice, firm bottom as a result of the targeted body sculpting workout program, The Bar Method! Have you heard of this workout? It is all the rage right now with many celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Tori Spelling using the program. In fact, Drew Barrymore owes her new lean and toned body to it!

So what exactly is The Bar Method? It’s a targeted body sculpting workout that goes above and beyond Yoga and Pilates. It’s a combination of isometrics, interval training, dance conditioning, and sports rehabilitation that quickly and safely works to burn fat and carve muscle. Your body will become elongated, lean, firm and your butt will be lifted and firm, tummy flat and arms defined.  It works so well because it targets the right muscle groups- the ones that play the largest role in changing the shape of your body.

Burr Leonard is the creator of The Bar Method. She has 19 years in the fitness field and has successfully created a franchise with her business partner of Bar Method studios, exercise DVDs and accessories. She has a passion for what she does which I could see when I did her workout DVD. She is in AWESOME shape!

I was excited to try The Bar Method Accelerated Workout DVD.  Its a 56 minute workout and boy did I ever feel it working! I was worried that I would need a bar to be able to do the workout, but Burr tells you at the very beginning that you can use a sturdy chair. I grabbed one of our maple dining room chairs which are nice and solid to use. You also need free weights. I don’t have any so I improvised with cans from my kitchen.

The workout starts with a warm-up using the free weights and I started to sweat right away, but kept going. Then it goes into the bar exercises which works your legs and butt. Oh the burn!  The second part of the workout is the “core sculpting” which is lots of stretching! Some of them I had trouble with because I am so inflexible. I think as I do it more often, it will become easier to do. Maybe I will finally be able to touch my toes? It’s pretty bad that I can’t even do that! I NEED this workout!

This is an intense workout and I was sore afterwards, but in a good way. Burr recommends to do it 3 to 4 times per week to yield the full results- a toned, strong, and lean body and improved posture. Burr has such nice posture. I would love to be able to have her body!

I can totally see why The Bar Method is so popular! If you want something that is fun, different and intense, you need to try one of her DVDs for yourself! The DVDs cost $20 and you can buy directly from The Bar Method site. Your body will love you for it!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Stacie Vaughan

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